The Ruff Ryders Chronicles is giving Hip Hop fans a behind-the-scenes view at one of the Hip-Hop’s most underrated rap groups, including the come up of their First Lady, Eve.

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The “Who’s That Girl” rapper was a former stripper in Philadelphia and was blessed with a chance to fly to Los Angeles to record a demo, and the tape ended up in Dr. Dre’s radar, and the rest is history.

Eve inked a deal with the Aftermath Records but apparently the rapstress’ working relationship with the West Coast legend came to an abrupt end with no warning. “I would literally show up to studio sessions that I wasn’t supposed to be at where I knew Dre was gonna be and be like, ‘So, when am I recording? When are you gonna put me in a song? What’s going on?’ I think he got sick of that and then I got dropped eight months later… I was devastated.”


Eve went back to her mother’s home disappointed but what she didn’t know was that her manager was handling a deal with Ruff Ryders. Everything worked out and the connection with the New York Group ended up lighting up Eve’s career on fire, eventually leading the rapper to win her first Grammy Award, which marked the first Grammy for the group.

Can you imagine the Ruff Ryders without the pitbull in a skirt? We surely cant.