Not only did Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, get renewed through 2022, but there’s also a Latin spinoff series in the works.

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The new series, Red Table Talk: The Estefans, will be centered around Miami-based music legend, Gloria Estefan, her daughter Emily Estefan and her niece Lili Estefan.

The show which is executive produced by Jada and Gloria aims to bring, “the Red Table to Miami for a new series of candid conversations about today’s most timely, social and personal issues with family, celebrity guests, and experts.”


“I’m incredibly proud of Red Table Talk and thrilled to build upon this franchise with my family and with Gloria, Emily, and Lili,” said Pinkett Smith in a statement obtained by the outlet. 

Red Table Talk has created a space to have open, honest and healing conversations around social and topical issues, and what’s most powerful for me is hearing people’s stories and engaging with our fans in such a tangible way on the Facebook Watch platform. I’m excited to see the Estefans put their spin on the franchise and take it to new places.”

“I’m incredibly excited to carry the Red Table Talk torch with my family in Miami,” Estefan said in her own statement. “Jada and I have spoken about this a lot and feel my daughter, niece and I can tackle issues important to us and our fans with a new and fresh voice. Jada has done this incredibly and continues to do [it] with her family in their candid, intimate, and groundbreaking conversations at the iconic Red Table.”