Ron Suno released his highly anticipated project Swag Like Mike ​on Juneteenth. ​The album was dedicated to influential public figures that inspired his art such as Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jackson. Similar greats before him, he was fulfilled by displaying the truth of black culture through his comedy.

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Ron uses his voice within the community and empowers youth dancers through performances and music videos. With the help of the remembrance of Hip Hop Harry TV, Suno was able to gauge attention amidst a pandemic by maintaining relevancy. With his new single “Wraith,” featuring DDG Ron is proving he has the tenacity to deliver hits after hits.

In early 2019, Ron began building a buzz as an artist by releasing music videos on YouTube and promoting them on Instagram, which included promising releases like “With My Crew”, “Party On Jump”, and his seven-song EP, New Boss. His breakout came in October 2019 with the release of his song and video, “Pinocchio”, a fierce but fun drill hit that took the Bronx by storm and simultaneously inspired thousands of dance videos on TikTok. In the weeks that followed, the song exploded to over 8 million views on YouTube and over 11 million streams.


Back in February, Ron Suno released his follow-up single and music video, “Spider-Man” featuring fellow New York rapper Fivio Foreign. “Spider-Man” has amassed over over 3.7 million views to date.