This year has been a turning point, especially in the music industry. From tragic losses to watching impressive artists go from local to mainstream, 2020 had its ups and downs. Presented by assisting high-profile music professionals and media, below is the People’s Choice—Top 20 Rising Artists of 2020. In no rank order, these are names that will leave their mark in music history. 

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Honorary Mention: Saint Jhn – his song “Roses” was the hit of the summer, let’s be real. Although he’s been in music for a few years now, 2020 was life changing for him.  @saintjhn

#1: Polo G—in addition to new hit releases this year, his sound has influenced other smaller rising artists. Polo G is the OG of the younger generation of music. @polo.capalot 


#2: Eddy Mack—he’s no longer ‘underrated’. He may be new to some of you readers, but the RnB hit maker will surely climb charts next year. Keep your eye out for Eddy Mack. @itseddymack

#3: AYO Sk3tch—with quite a personality, AYO Sk3tch reflects his energetic vibes into his rap music. Featuring on top media outlets, he is highly talked about. See what the hype is all about. @ay0sk3tch 

#4: HARMINI—he loves music, but not as much as he loves God. With a testimony and a talent for both singing and rapping, he deserves recognition. The Christian artist is impacting the world. @harmini731

#5: Nash Boogie—he lays down bars. “I Shot Bill Gates” is one of his many singles that turned heads. Nash Boogie continues to gain attention and buzz. @nashinspire

#6: Tay Butta—Representing Pittsburg, the creative strives to progress the process. Deserving of the top 20, his dedication to his music led him to great success in his career thus far. @2gmbutta

#7: PGPM Big Bull—he takes the throne for one of the most influential OG music artists in Detroit. Rap soul is a genre he has claimed and continues to dominate. @pgpm_bigbull

#8: Nino Staxx—the chosen one. His music is raw, real, and versatile. All three characteristics make him a one-of-a-kind talent. @ninostaxx

#9: Sky Wave Cutta—sky wave or no wave. The rising Boston artist is paving his own lane in music, and his fans love it. With a diverse sound, Sky Wave Cutta, also known as SWG Cutta, is putting his city on the map. @skywavecutta

#10: Larell—the Christian music artist inspires and entertains. He is known for his distinct creativity, and even though he is not trying to be ‘no lyrical king’, Larell is just that. @1larell

#11: Blizz Vito—remember the name. He is leveling up quickly, and strives to impress. “Opp Down” caught quite a buzz, and the album is expected to top charts anytime soon. @realblizzvito

#12: Kamalzi—the inspiring. From the surface, it probably looks like he’s perfect. But the artist is nowhere near it, and that is exactly why his fans are so connected to the artist and his music. To us, he is perfect. He deserves the recognition and thanks for opening up his heart for us fans to hear and relate to. @kamalzimusic

#13: Splash Downey—he brings the vibes. From his unique image to his music, Splash Downey is definitely on his way to fame. @splashdowney

#14: Yellow Trash Can—join the band. The rising star has a way of reaching to the hearts of his listeners. If you want to get in your feelings, Yellow Trash Can has the music you need. @yellowtrashcan_

#15: Niro Gotti—catch a vibe with him. With smooth vocals and lyrics, he is quickly building up his music career. His rhythm and catchy metaphors are fan favorites. Niro Gotti is on the rise, so catch a vibe. @evrythngniro 

#16: KEN$hii Blakk—the artist lays down his feelings and pain through his bars. Well respected and known, the artist is on the come up. Be on the look-out for him in 2021, since he is rising rapidly. @kenshiiblakk

#17: Chud’e—the rising artist has impressed and attracted listeners with his bars, vocals, and messages in his music. Chud’e uses his music to glorify God, and this leaves him shining through crowds of musicians in the hip hop/rap industry. Recognition is well deserved. Stay tuned for Chud’e and his come up. @chude7

#18: Mave—known as the king of bop. The artist earned this nickname through his catchy ‘bop’ songs. His music almost sounds like a mash up of old school and new school music. We love it. @mave910

#19: Chantae Vetrice—class and creativity. The rising star is influencing the female music industry with her style and sound. Chantae Vetrice is multi-talented, and her music is evidence of her well-crafted skills. Real soon, she will be a female artist everyone will be familiar with. @chantaevetrice

#20: 8BitJ—welcome to Dreamland. The artist has a, well, distinct look. His music is what fans focus on, since his face remains a mystery. 8BitJ tells his story and exposes himself through his lyrics instead. @8bitj_

Be sure to follow the 20 rising stars on social media, and give their music a chance. You will not be disappointed. The list selection has been influenced by the artists’ numbers, influence on their audience, and potential. The People’s Choice: Top 20 Rising Artists of 2020 has been presented and nominated by an assisting collaboration of high-profile music professionals, such as Trillest Entertainment, Elite Media Networks, EMPIRETV, and more.