Big Sean has had a big week following the release of Detroit 2. In a recent interview with Sway In The Morning, he touched on his relationship with Nipsey Hussle and how Kendrick Lamar reached out to him after the release of “Deep Reverence.”

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Sean revealed that he and Nipsey had multiple songs in the works. After Nip’s death, Sean said that something shifted within him. “It shifted in, I feel like, all of us,” he said. “Because you could tell [Nipsey] was on an upswing of being a greater version of himself. He was tuning in to his highest self. It hurt real bad.”

The Detroit MC harkened back to a conversation he had with Punch, President of TDE, before Nipsey’s death. The two talked about their longtime respect for Nip. Punch even told Sean that he should reach out to Kendrick Lamar. Sean took Punch’s advice and reached out to Lamar only to find out he had the wrong number. And Sean left it at that.


After dropping “Deep Reverence,” Kendrick reached out to Sean to show his appreciation and give his praise. “So, when we were able to talk, it was a good reconciliation and it was a good mutual respect. And even when he heard ‘Deep Reverence,’ he hit me and was like ‘Yo, I appreciate you showing me that love. I appreciate that love for me in the verse. You and Nip went crazy.'”

Sean was glad to hear from Kendrick after years of supposed beefing and throwing subs at each other. Sean said that people in his crew were telling him something about Kendrick, and Kendrick’s crew was doing the same about Sean. “The situation was, he thought that people around him were telling him something, people around me were telling me something, and it just really wasn’t the case.” Sean also added that the internet was really blowing the situation out of proportion.

“It was good to get that response from your brother,” Sean said. “On that record, I just was keeping it open and honest and real. I wasn’t trying to hold back. It was not out of disrespect, either. It was out of respect for myself and the things I’ve learned along the way.”