Seems like the division in this country is far from being resolved.

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Some fans attending Thursday night’s NFL season-opening game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans had a message about a “moment of unity” held between the teams.

Players from both teams locked arms for a “moment of unity” where they held a moment of silence in the name of equality. Seven messages about social justice, chosen by the players, were displayed on the scoreboard. 


Some Chiefs fans could be heard booing loudly as if they didn’t care for anything other than football.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Texans star QB Deshaun Watson, and Texans star defensive end JJ Watt were at the center of the line before wishing each other good luck.

Much like so many of these seemingly never-ending debates in 2020, there will people on both sides of this situation.

Some will say that the fans were sending the message that they don’t want political displays being forced into a football game. While the NFL players wanted to send a message of unity, the midwest fans in Kansas City Missouri don’t want to hear it.