The late supercentenarian Richard Arvin Overton who lived to be 112 years old lived a very full life. In this amazing short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, Overton details his secret to a long fulfilled life.

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Richard Arvin Overton was born May 11, 1906  and passed December 27, 2018. He was an American supercentenarian who at the age of 112 years, 230 days was the oldest verified surviving U.S. World War II veteran and oldest man in the United States. Overton was hospitalized for pneumonia in December 2018. He was placed in a rehabilitation center, where he died on December 27, 2018, aged 112 years old.

Barack Obama with Richard Overton and Earlene Love Karo
Barack Obama with Richard Overton and Earlene Love Karo

In this short film, Overton’s genuine sincerity, hope and love for life permeated through the screen. Although he jas passed, Richard’s word’s and wisdom live on. Check out some of these jewels he dropped in the film and as he said if you don’t listen, that’s your bad luck!”
Rest in Power Mr. Overton.


“If you give up you’re through–you’re just doubting yourself!

“He gonna take care of you, if it’s your time to go that bullet gonna get you, if it ain’t your time to go that bullets going over your head it ain’t gonna hit ya.”

“I would buy one thing and use that one thing. I wouldn’t buy one thing and go buy another and another…”

“[Church] keeps me going…makes me feel good. You learn something at church too. You learn how to live better. How to treat people.”

“We don’t have all the answers, gotta save some of the answers for somebody else.”

“Good to have a spiritual life…but you got to live it.”

“I may give out, but I never give up.”

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