Kanye West surely has doubled down on his dislike of the music industry. He seems to be on a mission now to reform the music industry and get artists ownership of their music. After posting his 100+ page contract with UMG, West’s recent tweet couldn’t be a more blatant indication of what he thinks about the industry.

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“Trust me … I WONT STOP,” Kanye captioned a video of him urinating on his Grammy award.

Kanye has been pretty vocal about his dislike of the industry and the institutions within it. He has compared the industry to slavery in the way how artists sign their rights away to labels. This last tweet seals the deal. While a Grammy is a symbol of success in the music industry, and something that many artists strive to get, Kanye obviously doesn’t care about them at all.


Mr. West has been trying to get other artists on his side to fight against labels. He has reached out to Drake, J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Now he is adding the legendary U2 singer, Bono, to the mix as well.