670 The Score Chicago radio host Dan McNeil made an ill-advised remark about ESPN’s Maria Taylor during Monday night’s Pittsburgh Steelers-New York Giants game that eventually cost him his job.

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McNeil tweeted a picture of Taylor on the sidelines at MetLife Stadium on Monday, writing “NFL sideline reporter or a host for the [Adult Video News] annual awards presentation?”

McNeil deleted the tweet after receiving criticism. He was fired on Tuesday.


Taylor responded directly to McNeil’s comment right after the New York Giants-Pittsburgh Steelers game ended.

“Well Danny Dearest if you would like to continue making sexist comments about me…please bring your misogyny with you to the NBA Countdown doubleheader I’ll be hosting tomorrow night,” she tweeted.

On ESPN NBA Countdown show, co-host Jalen Rose gave Taylor her flowers for handling that situation with grace and class.

Taylor thanked the many supporters who spoke up for her after the story went viral. “The people who fuel me. Are the people who support me,” she wrote on Twitter, “The only people who can affect me are the people who love me. I’m so thankful for my NBA Countdown family. Once again you’ve lifted me over a hurdle. And made me feel like a queen despite the noise.” 

Taylor has been with ESPN since 2014 and during that time has risen among the ranks to being one of the most active on-air talents in the company. It’s great to see her co-workers having her back.