Born today in 1966 as Douglas Davis, Doug E Fresh is known as “the greatest entertainer” in Hip Hop, with his ability, to rap, dance, and perform his original human beatbox, which is what has made him one of the most important figures to the culture.

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In the early 80s, Fresh performed among some of the greatest pioneering acts of the game including The Treacherous Three but started his own Get Fresh Crew and recruited a young Englishman who resided in the Bronx named MC Ricky D aka “Slick Rick” Walters. These two created a song called “The Show” in 1985, a monumental track that is a landmark in the musical aspect of Hip Hop. On the flip side of The Show was “La-Di-Da-DI”, a human beatbox powered, an xxx-rated song that catapulted both Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick’s popularity to how they are respected as the pioneers they are today.

Salute to Doug on his born day and may he enjoy today and many more hereafter!