It was announced today that Giannis won league MVP for the second time in a row, even though he has not led the Bucks to a championship. Even finals for that matter. There were mixed reactions about the Bucks star winning MVP. However, in a change of heart, Skip Bayless said something nobody saw coming.

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“LeBron James should’ve won MVP,” the Undisputed co-host tweeted.

This is surprisingly shocking especially coming from the biggest LeBron hater in the world. Bayless is known for his adamant LeBron James hate, often saying that he could never be a greater player than Jordan, mainly due to James being 3-6 in finals appearances.


Skip was recently saddened by the catastrophic defeat of the Clippers, who he had to win the West. Now Skip is saying that he wants the Lakers to win the championship instead.

Social media then began to remind Skip of the unflattering things he has said about LeBron throughout his career.