Eddie Murphy won his first Emmy ever for his Saturday Night Live hosting gig from 2019. Murphy has been nominated five times throughout his career but has not won until now.

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“Thank you so much for giving me an Emmy. I don’t have an Emmy. This is 40 years since I started Saturday Night Live, this is my first Emmy, so thank you so much.” Murphy said in his acceptance speech. “I want to thank Lorne Michaels for putting this whole thing together and making this happen. And I want to thank, the cast, the writers, and the crew at SNL. This was a very, very special thing for me to come back and have the show turn out the way it did. I’m still floating from it. And thank you to everybody for giving me an Emmy.”

Murphy’s return to SNL follows a 35-year hiatus from the show. He came back for SNL’s 40th-anniversary show but only said a few words. He would be known as the person who saved SNL, and after leaving the show, his career launched to new heights.


In Murphy’s return, he reprised a number of his popular SNL characters such as Gumby, Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson, and more.