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There are many independent artists that are diamonds in the rough and do not get the recognition they deserve. People’s Choice: Hits of the Year aims to highlight music that landed charts, gained popularly in their community, and songs that need that spotlight indie artists seek. Nominated and selected by assisting music and media A&R’s, managers, and other influential entertainment professionals, these artists recently dropped songs that deserve a spot on the stage. 

Honorary Mention – “Ball Hog- Club Mix” – Gramz: He is the next independent artist out of Memphis and Orange Mound area serving up some hustler music with an authentic dirty south sound. @gramz_dahustla

Honorary Mention – “Populated” – Yellow Trash Can: The Portland-based duo made a wave throughout the industry upon the release of their first single “Populated”. Nostalgic sounding melodic patterns accompanied by the modern style drums is what earns this song its spot on this year’s top 20 songs of 2020. Keep an eye out for more great music from this band. @yellowtrashcan_


1. “The Proof is in the Pudding” – Veronica Copper: The single peaked at #8 on the HipHop iTunes/Apple Music charts this summer, came out of left field introducing us to Vegas rapper Veronica Cooper who indeed could go bar for bar for anyone who wants to test her. Addressing issues like writing songs for artists who then turn around and act like “she don’t know that song” to expressing ain’t “no d*ck all up in her business” meaning all her accomplishments have come from her hard work and dedication to her craft. The silver hair beauty and this track is hot like the Sun in Sin City. @iseeyouvee

2. “Kele”- Sundown Charlie: Blowing up all over the charts, Sun Down Charlie’s “Kele” is a must-dance-to single. Along with solid bars, the vocals within the song really turn up the vibe. Combined with a African twist, the beat and rhythm really compliment the hit overall. “Kele” topped charts on Apple Music Nigeria, beating Cardi B’s “WAP”. @sundowncharliemusic

3. “I Don’t Wanna Talk”- Batata: If you ain’t talkin’ money, Batata doesn’t want to talk. The California native created the catchiest flex anthem. Batata is a YouTube superstar that paved the way for other Arab-American YouTubers. Now focused on music, the rising artist is releasing hit after hit. @itstherealbatata

4. “Too Long” – Derange Da Messiah: Featuring Lucas Holiday and Iced Out, “Too Long” topped charts. Derange Da Messiah is known for his catchy metaphors and his ability to hit bar after bar. The single is a collaboration of both rapping and singing, bringing the hype up even more. If you like Rick Ross, you will be a fan of Derange Da Messiah. @517Derange @lucashollidayofficial

5. “Circumstances” – Peso AP: Bringing awareness to a strong reality of street life around the country, Peso AP did a great job putting his message into a song. Featured on This is 50, “Circumstances” caught the attention of many. It is difficult to execute an influential message through music, but Peso AP made it look easy. @peso.ap

6. “Solid” – Lil J: This has to be one of the most catchiest flows so far. The instrumentals and bars go hand in hand and make the song, well, solid. Lil J has more music on the way, and listeners look forward to new heat from the rising artist. Stay tuned for “Cross Me” in October. @_lil_j1

7. “Champion”- Harmini: This ‘million dollar baby’ dominated his genre in Christian hip hop/rap music. “Champion” was broadcasted, streamed, and featured worldwide. Harmini is a musician, actor, Hollywood songwriter, entrepreneur, and most importantly, a man of God. With over 50,000+ streams on Spotify alone, it is safe to say that the single is indeed a hit. @harmini731

8. “Name Drop” – Kay Hova: With over 60,000 streams and counting, the single is soon to top charts. Kay Hova has been featured on BET Jams, Worldstar, and more. His visuals for “Name Drop” racked over 680,000 views and counting on Worldstar. Kay Hova is on his way to the top, and his 45,000+ monthly Spotify listeners agree. @kayhova130

9. “W.O.Y.B.” – GS11: GS11 was born Gary Montgomery, also known by his nickname, G Smooth. G. He’s a versatile music artist from Magnolia, North Carolina’s Highway 11. His musical trap sound is deeply influenced by his southern small-town roots. As hip hop & trap music continues to become more stylistically diverse, there isn’t a single aesthetic that can box in the up and coming GS11. From G’s hard-hitting trap songs to his more melodic side, GS11 is carving out a lane of his own in this industry. G’s poised and ready for stardom and ready to take over 2020 and define the sound of the next decade. Stay tuned for what GS11’s cooking up next for the masses. @gs11_official

10. “Truth Hurts”- Kai Rose: As a self-love story that relates to the pain of heartbreak, hardship, and moving on, “Truth Hurts” lands its spot on the list. The mid-tempo, soft pop, and uplifting melody aims to encourage those who may need a reminder that happiness matters. @kairose_music

11. “Pocketful” – Scorch: Harlem’s own Scorch is back with a new Banger for the summer streets, “Pocketful”. Pocketful is a powerful single about a night out on the town cutting loose with your boys and not being afraid to blow a little money doing it. @therealscorch 

12. “Honesty” – Murc Jones: The artist is more than a rapper—he is a creator.  From nationwide live performances to media attention, Murc Jones attracts the eyes and ears of many. “Honesty” is a single with meaning and depth, which received great feedback. Murc Jones is just getting started. @officialmurcjones

13. “05’ Guwop” – Meech Icewood: The rising Detroit artist is multi-talented to say the least. Also an actor on Amazon Prime’s “McGraw Ave”, Meech Icewood has consistently dropped new music in 2020, which led him to this well-deserved spot. He is continuously recognizing artists that inspired him and left a legacy, while he creates his own. @meechicewood

14. “Forgive Me” – WordsofWisdom: Featuring Jtracks, “Forgive Me” reminds us fans of prayer and repentance in song form. WordsofWidsom, born Jacob Rodriguez, tells his story on overcoming sin and lust, while reminding us that he is, well, forgiven. “Forgive Me” reminds us that we are too. 

15. “Shoaib Akhtar Remix” – Middle East Side Tmo and Shai Coke: Within one week, the music video reached over 50k views combined. Featuring the talented Shai Coke, “Shoaib Akhtar” gives off a new flow. Middle East Side Tmo is known for his drive and Pakistani roots, which adds new culture to the hip hop culture. Shai Coke collaborated with the original “Shoaib Akhtar”, which led the remix to popularity. @middleeastsidetmo @shaicoke 

16. “Psycho” – The Band of the Hawk: mercenary company known as DEF on the battlefield, are a spacious affair: all looped menace and blunted minutiae, not unlike early RZA productions; if he had been raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward worshiping 90’s hood flicks more than kungfu cinema and stuck in a Mario Brothers maze .  

B.I.B.L.E. is the audio stew produced from a state quarantine, rising unemployment, child births and uncertainty.  Not since “BOHUP Vol.2” in 2018 have we had more than 3 Hawks on a song, this album has 3 tracks with 4 Hawks soaring lyrically.  Listen to “Psycho” with its crazy energetic beat or Harpies Harmony with its smooth groove. Plus there are 5 more songs with 3 Hawks spitting bars like a musical melee.  @bandofthehawk_

17. “Two-Three” – RC International: This single is one of the artist’s favorite singles on EP, and fans/listeners agree. Each song RC International creates is inspired by real life situations he’s experienced, which brings the ‘realness’ to his music. The aspiring artist’s 2020 project, “Love Me Like I’m Dead” consists of 5 tracks that impress. @rcinternationall

18. “Trap God” – King Bone: Premiered on WorldstarHipHop, “Trap God” music video and song quickly caught a buzz. King Bone has been interviewed on This is 50, featured on major media outlets, and continues to provide us with new heat. King Bone is on his way. @kingbonetoodope

19. “Chilltown” – Chud’e: While giving Glory to God, Chud’e executes his sound through many diverse flows and skills. His listeners and supporters have nothing but positive feedback for his single “Chilltown”. Along with his music, it is his style and dedication that sets him apart from others. @chude7 

20. “Her Savage” – Emmanuelle Jacob: This sweet song is dedicated to young, secret love. The hit single was produced by Omni Beats, producer of Ty Dolla Sign, B.o.B, Tech N9ne and Flo Rida. Dear fans of Bruno Mars, expect to become a new fan of Emmanuelle Jacob. @officialemmanuellejacob 

As we are wrapping up the year, hundreds of thousands of new songs are released every day. Give independent artists a chance, because you may just find another hit of the year.

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