Entertainment entrepreneurs Carlos Stephens and  Richard Victor Mahee are launching a “Content Rich” (MNVO) Network with major U.S. based mobile carriers this fall. Subscribers to the MVNO network will be given access to stream exclusive content on M12.tv as part of their subscription package. Rich and Carlos have also negotiated deal with Eric B for Paid in Full Mobile a division of Paid in Full Inc. M12tv will broadcast content from streaming to television through a deal it has for shows to be distributed into 100 countries and three hundred million homes via satellite. 

M12.tv‘s OTT platform is powered by Vimeo and streams on AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Xbox in over two billion homes and mobile devices globally.  In 2003, Richard launched Mahvrick an 802.11 network built off converted pay phone contracts throughout the United States. “While building Mahvrick, I called on good friend Carlos Stephens for content. Carlos Stephens became key to Richard’s for credibility to the media strategy for Mahvrick during its early stages of the company, which led to its first million dollar financing that stemmed from partnerships with the financier of Hotmail in 2003.

Carlos Stephens just came off a successful run with over 100 million records sold producing and engineering artists Mystikal, Lil Romeo, Snoop Dogg, and other artists on No Limit Records imprint,” says Richard Victor Mahee founder of M12.tv. This past May, Carlos and Richard jointly ventured to create a series of exclusive music driven shows that will launch on M12.tv a division of Mahvrick Networks.  


“Back then (2004), Rich (Mahvrick) rolled around Beverly Hills in a brand new Bentley Arnage that given to him as a gift by Hawaiian Airlines Chairman, Alan Rifkin. His “office” a cell phone and a sky box at Laker’s games owned by his former business partner Allan Brown the Chairman of Simon Worldwide and SMS. Allan Brown’s run consisted of McDonald’s advertising campaigns worldwide for over 20 years…Jordan Balls, Kobe Sprite Deal and Britney Spears deal with McDonalds’. Morgan “Mo” Brown Allan’s son met us when he was twelve years old. 

“Los was instrumental in forging my relationship with Allan Brown. I knew he produced Lil Romeo when he was fourteen years old. So I asked Alan to produce an album with Morgan Brown when he was twelve years old. He did. Later that opened up relationships with Gene Simmons, and many other key people (Hugh Hefner), Eric B (Rakim), which helped me learn the entertainment game,” says Richard Victor Mahee, Mahvrick. Twenty-eight, “Mo” runs M12tv’s radio division out of Nashville, which has two stations CounterCulture On Air and MMC Radio,” says Carlos Stephens of the legendary production Beats By The Pound. MMC Radio features music by cast members from all 7 seasons of the 90’s Mickey Mouse Club with shows built around former Mouseketeers Rhona Bennett (En Vogue), Tony Lucca (NBC’s The Voice) and Dale Godbodo(FX’s The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story), among others. 

M12.tv will air a holiday special event  “Why because its Christmas” which is sponsored by M12 Champagne. It will be hosted by former Canadian Downhill skier and M12 Model Ania Morton from Vail, Colorado. “The special event is a gift to healthcare workers worldwide on December 25th 2020. There will be several surprise guests. Proceeds also benefit Michael A. King, Jr.’s Opioid Awareness Fondation,” says Richard Victor Mahee, M12.tv