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Trump announced on Monday that he will announce his pick for Supreme Court Justice on Friday. He reportedly spent the weekend listening to advice and floating around names of potential nominees.

Sources say that Trump was essentially on the phone his entire campaign weekend speaking with people about potential nominees to replace Ruth Bather Ginsburg, who passed on Friday. Sources also say that Trump wants to move fast in making his pick.

“I think it’ll be on Friday or Saturday and we want to pay respect,” Trump said in a Monday morning interview on “Fox and Friends.” “It looks like we will have probably services on Thursday or Friday, as I understand it,” he added. “And I think the respect we should wait for the services to be over for Justice Ginsburg. So we’re looking at probably Friday or maybe Saturday.”


Some of Trump’s advisers pushed him into making a pick for Supreme Court Justice as quickly as possible. They think that the quicker a decision is made then the harder it will be for Republican senators to oppose whoever is nominated on procedural grounds.

However, other advisers have told Trump to wait until after Ginsburg’s services to make a selection. Making one before the late justice’s services would be seen as disrespectful, according to his advisers. Doing that would only add controversy to Trump’s already controversial decision to pick a new justice with less than 50 days before the election.