On Tuesday, Fat Joe sat down with Big Sean on his Instagram Live talk show. The Detroit 2 rapper and Fat Joe chopped it up about how it feels to have another No. 1 album and a series of other topics. During their discussion, Fat Joe couldn’t help but draw some comparisons between Sean and the late Nipsey Hussle.

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The two began to talk about the Victory Lap rapper, and Joe began to praise him on his authenticity, calling him a “beautiful person.” “Rest in peace Nipsey. Nipsey was on his way up. So, he had to reach where he was gonna reach as an artist. He didn’t get there—it was bigger for him coming,” Joe said. “But, as a beautiful person, people love him so much as a beautiful guy. Always smiling, always talking to you, always this. That’s why when you seen Nipsey passed away, the outpour of love was unreal because everybody was like, ‘No, not this guy. The nicest guy in the world… So we wouldn’t let it go.”

Joe then compared Sean to Nip saying “You have that, too, Sean. I know what I’m talking about.” Joe then added, “You got that—how people love you, how people champion you. Why? Because you’re a great guy. You’re a great person. You’re a beautiful soul. You’re a great guy. You’re not out here with the dumb sh*t.”