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The NBA Bubble has been a massive success as the NBA playoffs are beginning to wind down. There has much said about the games, but Kevin Garnett says his generation could not have done it.

The NBA Champion was on Complex’s Load Management podcast and said the bubble would be different if his cast of characters were to take it over.

To be honest y’all, we could never play in the bubble,” Garnett said. “You know how much I’ve been screaming during your shot ‘Get that shit out of here’? You could’ve heard me in here. Man they’d of had a bunch of censors. Couldn’t have all these cameras, you know, players walking around naked, balls swinging all type thing. That’s a different league. We were men, yo.”

Garnett would go on to detail how different the league is now, adding that a trainer would not be able to restrict his minutes.

I’ll probably get some shit for this, but no trainer’s going to tell me how long I’m playing. Once I’m out here, I’m out here. If I could play, I’m playing. Y’all pay me to play, so shut the fuck up and let me hoop. And that was the end of the discussion. There ain’t no more talking.” 

You riding with what Garnett says? You can catch the full episode below.