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In the last couple of weeks, Kanye has been demanding that industries recognize the worth of creatives. He has likened the music industry to slavery and has been climbing up the ladder of the industry to demand artists get their masters back.

As for his collaborations with Adidas and Gap, it is no doubt that Kanye has made great contributions for the two companies (hopefully the Gap collab drops), and now he is demanding they give him a board seat, or else.

Kanye took to Twitter on Wednesday night where he demanded Adidas and Gap give him seats on their boards. West vowed to wear Jordans until he received a board seat from Adidas, and also vowed to not drop his collection with Gap until he received a board position from the company.


It would be interesting to see Ye rock a pair of Jordans. He has not been publicly seen with them for years. In fact, in an interview with Nick Cannon a few weeks ago, West said that he wished Adidas would let him wear Jordans. It is a part of his contract with Adidas that he cannot wear Jordans or any of Adidas’ competitors.

With Gap, Kanye might have the upper hand. Before announcing his partnership with the American clothing company, Gap was struggling and closing down stores across the nation. After announcing their partnership with West, their stock price significantly went up. However, West has threatened to end the partnership a few times since the announcement, and Gap’s stock price has fluctuated.

Kanye finished off his string of tweets by saying “WE WILL BE RECOGNIZED.” It seems as if Kanye’s recent fight against corporations is just as much, if not less, about himself than it is other creatives.