Your health is wealth. When you feel good you do good, for the most part. If you’ve added some pandemic pounds, no worries. You can get back on track by adding green foods to your diet. Green foods as in fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you as you fuel it with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. As a result, you get cleaner cells, more energy, and clarity.

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We have some easy tips to increase the greens in your diet.

Breakfast: The morning is a great time to fuel your body and cells with green foods. Starting the day with a green smoothie is a great option since you are coming off a fast from sleeping and your body will absorb the nutrients from this delicious drink.


Snack: Green peppers and hummus are a wonderful treat. This snack is rich in both fiber and protein. Other benefits include zinc, magnesium, folic acid and of course the taste.

Lunch: A super green salad is a nutritious dish that is packed with fulfilling foods such as cucumbers, tomato, parsley, kale, and quinoa just to name a few. Your body will be fortified with nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and lycopene.

Dinner: Penne Pasta mixed with kale, olives, and currants. This is a great meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied. This dish has nutritional benefits that is known to control blood pressure, give you a healthy source of vitamin E, K, A, and C, amino acids, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and iodine.