We all have a time where everything seems to be hitting a wall. There are times when one area of our life is so out of whack you can’t focus on anything good that is happening around you.

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Here is a general guide that will help you put things in perspective. Sometimes the overwhelm is too much. It is perfectly fine to seek the help that you need to move forward. Know that you are not alone.

Here are five ways to soar through the struggle

1.Try to understand the lesson – When things happen in our world, many things happen for us. There is a bigger lesson and it will be repeated until it is learned. Each situation is to help us grow.

2. It’s Temporary – Happiness and sadness are both temporary. When we go through a difficult time, the timing is different for everyone. It can take some people 6 months, 6 days, or 6 years, it is all situational. Be gentle with yourself and go through the process knowing there is a reason for growth and becoming. 

3. Pray – You might feel like you are submerged in pain and there is no way out. Start praying start with “do for me what I can’t do for myself,” it is powerful. Once you do this meditate for the answer. Journaling also helps. Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions. Although this is a difficult time, you are learning about yourself, and there is some light being illuminated on places that need to be healed.

4. Take action – Ask yourself what part did I play to get myself in this situation? Sometimes you didn’t do anything. Other times you might have played a part. It could also be a repeat response. Once you figure it out, ask what can I do to change? If it is one thing a week start with that one thing and grow from there.

5. Reflect – As you work through the process look back enough to see how far you’ve come. Know that you are stronger than you think. Also, look at the things that are working in your life.
Try your best to focus on that.