Back in 2016 the combination of 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’ created the hottest tandem project in the world in Savage Mode. The duo put on an effort that could only be compared tot he likes of Kobe and Shaq over the course of nine tracks, highlighted by classics like “X” and “No Heart.” Now, with their stars shining among the brightest among Hip-Hop and with reputations as legends in their own time, they are ready to give the fans another classic.

21 and Metro have released the trailer for Savage Mode II, the oft-rumored and discussed, highly-anticipated follow up to their street classic.

The two have released a trailer of the two in the studio with the narrator, iconic actor Morgan Freeman, revealing “when one is in savage mode, they are not to be fucked with.”

The duo is back at it this Friday, October 2, mark your calendars and check out the Gibson Hazard-directed trailer below and be sure to check out for merch and the official countdown.