Following the courts’ decision that determined that neither of the four officers who were present during the no-knock raid of Breonna Taylor’s home that took her life, it is now being revealed that Taylor’s boyfriend did not shoot an officer on the fateful night of March 13 as previously claimed by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

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According to Cameron, former Officer Hankison is no longer suspected of shooting the 26-year-old Louisville EMT worker since officers were carrying .40 cal handguns while Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker was allegedly had a 9. Now, a ballistics test is proving that the officer in question was not shot by Walker.

The ballistics reports say the 9mm bullet that hit Officer Mattingly has been “identified nor eliminated as having been fired” from Kenneth Walker’s gun. Without being charged with any crime related to Talor’s death, former officer Hankison was charged with three counts of wantonly endangering the neighbors of Breonna Taylor due to shots fired that hit their apartments.