Bryson Tiller fans finally have a concrete date for when they can expect his third studio album titled Anniversary.

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“real fans know the countdown started months ago. Anniversary 10/2,” he tweeted.

Tiller made his groundbreaking debut five years ago and fans have been thirsty for more.


His sophomore album, True to Self was met with mixed reviews and in a recent interview he admitted that he knew it wasn’t good enough. “It was two years after Trapsoul came out and I was going through a lot of s–t — like, legal stuff and personal stuff. I didn’t really want to create an album at that time,” he told Billboard.

The singer added, “I wasn’t really trying to put energy or time into it. I wasn’t really trying. It was just me being lazy. It was my C-game. I can’t afford to bring my C-game now — not for my two daughters. It’s just my A-game here on out.”

But Pen Griffey assured there’s a “clear difference with this album and True to Self.”

Bryson Tiller released two new songs, “Inhale” and “Always Forever,” which will presumably be featured on his forthcoming musical effort. Additionally, he celebrated TRAPSOUL’s fifth year anniversary with the release of the deluxe album which featured two Soundcloud cuts and a never-before-heard “Rambo” remix featuring The Weeknd.