Sen. Kamala Harris will be on hand in Raleigh, North Carolina to host the “Sister to Sister Meets Shop Talk” roundtable, a meeting between her and Black voters. The event is a continuation of the conversations Sen. Harris has merged into her visits in battleground states.

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Shop Talk serves as platforms that allow Black men to have real conversations about important issues that affect their lives. Those cover criminal justice reform, the issues with the current administration, voting responsibilities and also expressing their support for the Biden-Harris campaign.

The efforts are demonstrating a commitment to Black men and the Black community as a whole as the current Trump administration has faltered in providing support. Late last week Trump revealed his Platinum Plan, highlighting efforts that he aims to enact in his hopeful second term. The Biden campaign offered a rebuttal to his claims but also have laid out a plan that has aims to provide better historic investments in communities including. Highlighted in the empowerment of Black Americans include expanding access to affordable health care, creating jobs for Black men, providing start-up capital for small businesses, reforming criminal justice, making college affordable, and increasing Black homeownership.


Previously, Sen. Harris was on hand in Michigan where she visited Black business owners before hosting a “Shop Talk” at a Black-owned barbershop in Detroit.

You can watch today’s “Sister to Sister Meets Shop Talk” today at 4:30 ET on

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