When it comes to finishing our to-do lists and being productive, it can be a bit overwhelming. One way to take your productivity to the next level is to organize and stay mindful when you’re completing your tasks. Don’t allow stress to take over your thought process when it comes to getting things accomplished.

Here are five tips that will help you get things done mindfully

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Write it down – There is something that helps getting things down on paper. When you can see what you have to do, it makes it easier to organize your day and thoughts.

Take time – Think about the length of time of each task. Then see if you can effectively do a few things at a time. If you are prepared for a meeting and you have a few minutes before, review your list or return emails. When it comes to time, look at your full day and allocate a specific time for each task that you have to do. When you look back you can see how productive you’ve been.


Focus – This depends on the task. Give yourself 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time. Close the tabs, social media, and silence your phone. This will help you stay present and enjoy the full experience of creating.

Understand yourself – Understand where your productivity points are. Pay attention throughout the day and see how much you get done and when. If the afternoon gives you brain drain, and you have energy in the evening, the afternoon is the time you can do something that doesn’t require a lot of energy.

Look at the bigger picture – Once you understand your work style, schedule accordingly. Map out your weeks and/or months. Then you can reflect back on what you accomplished and any changes that you want to make. When you see everything that you have done, go celebrate your wins.