Juelz Santana finally explained why he fled from TSA when a gun was found in his bag.

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During an interview with Fat Joe, the Dipset rapper made it clear that it wasn’t his intent to walk into the airport with the grip. He had it since the night before for protection while he shot a music video in Queens.

The video shoot was a success and he put the gun in a Supreme duffle bag and made it all the way to the airport with it to return home.


“I go to TSA and put my bag through security… In my mind, for everyone that’s listening, that’s not even on my mind,” he explained. “hey got my bag. I go through security, it went through. The dude from Newark airport, he knows me. He about to check the bag. Someone called from the screening point where the screen is at and said, nah, we gotta run it through again.”

Juelz welcomed the second search, still forgetting that he’s strapped. To add insult to injury, there was a warrant out for his arrest for a New Jersey traffic violation. So either way, he was going to jail that day for the weapon or the warrant.

That’s when one of the agents showed him an exit route and he thought quick on his feet, literally. “The fact that they had the warrant and they said higher authorities are going to search your bag. So I’m like, they gon’ lock me up for the weekend,” he said. “I literally walked. Everybody saying, ‘He ran out the airport. He had one shoe on…’ I get in the cab. I hear, on Hot 97… So gettin’ close to my crib, [Hot 97] said, ‘Rapper Juelz Santana Flees Newark airport after firearm was retrieved from his bag.’ I’m like ‘What?! Ain’t no firearm retrieved from my bag.'”