Snoop Dogg had to alert Power‘s executive producer 50 Cent.

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Power Book II: Ghost has kept viewers locked in and on the edge of their seats for the first four episodes. This season is all about Tariq’s quest to free his mother from prison, navigate life as a college student while dealing with the aftermath of killing his father, Ghost. There are a number of new characters including Method Man, who plays Tasha St. Patrick’s attorney, and Mary J. Blige. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul plays Monet Tejada who is the matriarch of Tariq’s newest business partners, the Tejada family. She mothers three children, Dru, Cane, and Diana including her nephew, Zuke, who is tutored by Tariq.

Each episode reveals something different about each character. In Power’s most recent episode, Dru is sent to spy on Tariq but makes an acquaintance with a new male friend in Tariq’s art class. The interaction leads to a semi-sexual exchange between the two. The gay scene left some on Twitter feeling uncomfortable, causing them to fast-forward from the scene and calling it extreme. Meanwhile, Power has historically explored murder, drugs, crime, and a plethora of sexual scenes.


Even Snoop Dogg chimed in after sending a picture to Power‘s executive producer, 50 Cent. Snoop took to IG to clarify his message to 50, saying it the plot twist caught him off guard.

“Threw me for a loop,” said Uncle Snoop. “First, lil murder now this sh**. the season is a f***ing masterpiece again as usual. Drew ya daddy bet not find out.”

The Long Beach OG mentions Starz’s other hit show, P-Valley‘s homosexual scenes as well. It looks like writers are extending the script on Starz’s hit shows and people just have to get used to it.