Ayesha Curry has proven to be a super mom, but even the Curry household is forced to adjust to the new norms of remote learning.

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On a virtual appearance, The Kelly Clarkson Show Ayesha reveals that Steph Curry has been spearheading remote learning in their household amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

“Stephen has really stepped in with the education and their schooling and I’m OK with that,” Ayesha told Kelly. “Because I said, you know, ‘I birthed them so now you can birth and nurture their education.'”


The couple have three children and 8-year-old, Riley Elizabeth Curry, and 5-year-old, Ryan Carson Curry, have remote learning meanwhile 2-year-old Canon Wardell Jack Curry supervises.

Ayesha admits that she’s relieved that he stepped up considering that she handled most of the diaper-changing. “He’s making up for lost time to be quite frank,” she said. “Because he would sleep through all the diaper changes in the late nights when they were babies so now this is his strong suit.”

Ayesha Curry recently released her sophomore cookbook The Full Plate: Flavor-Filled, Easy Recipes for Families with No Time and a Lot to Do, on September 22nd. In addition to simple meals, the book includes cocktail recipes so house chefs can sip while they dine.