The groundbreaking Loud Records has been newly re-established as the Loud Music Group, set to launch September 30, 2020. The all-encompassing company is a new iteration of the original, though has adapted to the ever-changing music industry landscape to provide label services, distribution, and publishing. Loud’s original game-changing formula was one that could neither be imitated nor duplicated, which is why its return is so welcomed. Rifkind returns for Loud’s renaissance as the Chairman—along with partners Stanley “Citi” Atwater as CEO and Dana Biondi as COO —to create the new paradigm for artists’ record deals.

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Citi stated, “As one of the few African American CEO’s in the music industry, I’ll be empowering the best African American and minority executive talent in entertainment to help build this historic relaunch.”

Dana Biondo said, “We are excited to find and develop talent who understand our new model. All of our efforts will go into helping artists and guiding them to become the world’s next superstars. With all of our combined experience, we have the ability to take an artist from A-Z, all under one roof.”


Steve Rifkind added, “We are giving the artists ownership of their masters, and ultimately their careers. We are here to help facilitate their success and make sure to get them paid.”

The first releases will come from pair of Atlanta rappers who have each amassed notable following on YouTube: Loui and Baby Fendi. Loui has amassed more than 30 million streams to date, and even more traction on YouTube. His biggest track to date has been “Shake Dat.” Fendi has collected 229,000 YouTube subscribers and 15 million views, most notably with a song called “Pop My Sh–”.

Loui’s first Loud single, “Don’t Matter,” featuring Capitol’s Toosii, is scheduled for Oct. 2, with Fendi’s first Loud track arriving later in October. Finally, Ryrif, also Rifkind’s younger son, will unveil his first single, “Run It Up,” in November.

In 1991, Steve Rifkind founded the groundbreaking Loud Records in the wake of hip-hop’s Golden Era. Loud became the destination for quality artists and hits that would echo for decades to come, selling more than 100 million records collectively. The label was home to burgeoning rap legends like the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, M.O.P., the late Big Pun, Three 6 Mafia, and many others. The label changed lives, it changed career paths, and most importantly, it changed music as we know it.

As Forbes magazine put it, “Hip-hop wouldn’t be where it is today without Loud Records.”