As the election is approaching, President Barack Obama is no stranger to encouraging his people to vote. Last night kicked off the first game of the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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During the game, the camera panned over to help introduce some familiar faces in the virtual crowd. Those faces included Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade, Shaq, Ray Allen, and if you look closer, you would see Barack Obama in his virtual front-row seat, using the opportunity to thank poll workers for their help in the upcoming election. “I am honestly not the main event tonight, but I wanted to come on and give a shoutout to all the folks who are volunteering as poll workers in this upcoming election,” he began.

“It’s not one of those things you think about, but it is absolutely vital for our democracy and I appreciate you, and hopefully all of the NBA fans will appreciate you when they see those shorter lines at the polling places.”


The beloved President posted the clip to his Twitter account tweeting, “Always look forward to watching the NBA Finals––and tonight I had the chance to thank a great group of first-time poll workers with @morethanavote. It’s critical that everybody votes in this election––by mail or in person if you can. Register to vote at”