The Presidential debate was entertaining and scary, to say the least. People on social media have been saying how the debate felt like two kids arguing over each other. During the debate, Vice President Joe Biden wore tired of Trump continuously talking over and taking shots at him. At one point Biden told Trump “Will You Shut Up, Man.”

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Biden then took the opportunity to capitalize on what he said and what millions of others were thinking too. Before the debate was even over, a shirt with Donald Trump’s face on it with that read “will you shut up, man” popped up on the Biden/Harris campaign website. The shirt sold out in less than a day.

The t-shirt was sold between $30 and $33. Along with the shirt were more t-shirts and pins that read “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump.”


Ever since the debate, it seems like Biden has taken a different approach to his merch and social media. On Wednesday, Biden tweeted a video of the debate where he said his now-famous line and placed a crying emoji over Trump’s face with the sound of a baby cry in the background.