Nicole Young filed a request for Dr. Dre to pay her $1.5 million for various expenses like security and it was denied. The judge also denied her request to get $5 million expedited for her lawyer fees.

TMZ reports that Young alleges that she’s receiving death threats and she needs the money for security but doesn’t want to use her soon-to-be ex-husband’s team. She says Dre is controlling and threatened to fire her security if they didn’t meet his demands.

The judge factored in that Dre was already paying for her security, and she let them go when making a decision.


Dre’s lawyers told the judge that he’s inclined to cover her expenses, which includes security, and the judge accepted.

Young’s lawyers also tried to get the hearing for the $5 million requests scheduled in January moved to this month, but that was denied too.

Not only did the judge deny all of Young’s requests, but he reportedly said he’s handling other domestic violence and custody cases, and hers isn’t anywhere as serious. He advised her to file a restraining order if she feels like she’s being controlled.

Previous reports stated that Young filed for $2 million temporary spousal support. It’s unclear if this is the same request in question.

Dr. Dre finally responded to her petition and said, “This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers.” He also revealed that he’s the one who has still been maintaining her luxurious lifestyle.