Positive COVID tests have not only affected President Donald Trump and the First Lady. But is now affecting a large part of White House staff. 

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Sunday that the White House would not be releasing the names or the exact number of staffers who have become infected with Covid-19. Completely backtracking on a previous comment by another spokeswoman.

McEnany said because of privacy concerns the White House would not release the number of employees who have COVID-19 despite previous assurances by Alyssa Farah – the White House Director of Strategic Communications – that the numbers possibly would come out.


“There are privacy concerns,” McEnany said. “We take seriously safeguarding the information of personnel here in the White House.”

This is another ridiculous way of covering up the mistakes the president and his administration have made regarding the COVID crisis. A mistake that has now endangered both West Wing staffers as well as members of the secret service. 

We will keep our eyes and ears on this as more staff report positive test results. One thing is for sure, this does not look great on the global stage. Especially with our President joy riding around while being infected himself.