Laker fans have not been too happy with Kyle Kuzma’s performance this season, and especially in the playoffs. Fans have started an online petition to stop Kuzma from getting a ring if the Lakers win the champion. The reason for it: they believe he is a “fuckboi.”

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“Kyle Kuzma should not get a ring if the Lakers win,” the petition says. So far, it has been signed by over 5,000 fans. “Kyle Kuzma is a f*ckboi and he shouldn’t get a ring if the LA Lakers win the 2020 NBA Finals,” its creators explain.

Even though the Lakers are currently 2-1 in the finals after a Sunday night upset losing to the Heat 104-115, Kuzma scored 19 points. In the first game of the finals, Kuzma scored only 3 points but in game two he scored 11.


“I’m just embracing my role. It’s never about scoring right now, especially with the role I’m in,” Kuzma said after Game 2. “It’s just really about coming in and playing with energy, get stops defensively. When my number is called just be ready. I think that’s what I did tonight”. 

After the game 3 loss, Kuzma was asked about the “social media haters.” Kuzma responded saying, “I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care. Twitter is for jokes.”

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