Whelp! We’ve seen it all at this point. Celebrities find new ways daily to receive money through social media. Whether its charging fans for FT calls, making an OnlyFans account or charging to promote advertisements, celebrities have been finding ways to make ends meet.

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YBN Nahmir has been getting made fun of recently for running Instagram ads on his account. Someone shared a screenshot of Nahmir’s post and added the caption, “YBN Nahmir really struggling.”

The Alabama rapper saw the post and quickly let fans know that ain’t nothing wrong with his pockets! “This is how dumb this generation is lol. Who wouldn’t make a simple Instagram post for $5,000? I guess I’m broke guys. Stay blessed child,” he responded.


Fans assumed the rapper is facing money troubles following his split with Cordae, who was apart of the YBN group initially but dropped the “YBN” from his name in August 2020. “And you know, sometimes as friends, you grow apart and you have different visions for what you wanna do and that’s okay. There’s no love lost. Like I said, I think the world of them n*ggas. I love Nahmir and Jay to death,” Cordae explained to TIDAL’s Elliot Willson.