As this year’s presidential election winds down to its last 30 days, swing states have become integral focal points and Black men in the Keystone State have become a top priority to the Biden/Harris campaign, with the Democratic Party catering to the concerns of one of Pennsylvania’s most pivotal constituent groups; Black men. With Black men being the highest at-risk group in the country, a group of Black men who wish to amend this risk factor will come together under the Team Joe banner to chop it up about the unavoidable problem in the Oval Office.

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This evening, Raheem DeVaughn, Dule Hill, Leslie Odom Jr., Rev. Alyn Waller, and House Representative Jordan Harris will host PA’s “Shop Talk”, a virtual series sponsored by Black Men For Biden where they will discuss topics such as the impact COVID-19 on voting initiatives while acknowledging the need to utilize technology as a medium to enhance correspondence within the Black community in general and among Black men in particular.

The overall purpose of the event is to attract Black men of all demographics to vote and galvanize the voting power within the Black community by encouraging and empowering the foundation of the Black family. The Shop Talk will begin precisely at 7PM EST and all Black men, regardless of residence, are encouraged to participate.