For the past seven months, the world has echoed the words, Justice For Breonna Taylor. From protest, to outcries, to social awareness from athletes, celebrities and citizens of the world, we have all played a part in advocating for justice. The now deceased Taylor was an EMT worker, who was shot dead during a no-knock SWAT raid of her Louisville, KY apartment back in March. In May the Taylor family filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Last month, the case’s verdict was revealed only charging 1 of 3 officers involved in the case. The state grand jury indicted former LMPD detective on three counts of wanton endangerment and not murder. Following the case, Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron filed motion to keep Breonna Taylor grand jury files a secret.

On Thursday, new body camera footage revealed the aftermath of SWAT raiding Taylor’s home. The video shows the Louisville SWAT members leaving Taylor after being shot dead on her apartment halfway floor. The officers cleared the apartment first. Then proceeded to check on the human life they were responsible for mudering. You can hear one of the officers says, “She’s done.” Watch the video below from TMZ below.