Whether you use Instagram, or Facebook, veganism appears to be at an all time high. Celebrities are using their platforms to share their food transitions and experience with veganism. Usher, Lizzo and Ava Duvernay hall all expressed the need to spread the word with their fans. 

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Some people change their diet for health purposes using electric foods and alkaline diets to heal health ailments and problems. Many go vegan for the animals expressing concern for animals who feel and hurt just like human beings. Others are vegan for the environment choosing not to eat meat due to the environmental changes that occur due to farming animals.

My journey began when my cousin passed away at 38 years old due to health problems. The same health problems that ran in my family and countless others who looked just like me. I realized it was time to break the food cycle.


Check out the celebrities who decided to change their diets and share their food journey with the world.

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