Life has been a roller coaster of emotion over the past few weeks for Cardi B. After a public breakup leading to a discussion about divorce with husband Offset, fans are concerned about what’s next for the Grammy-winning artist.

Things have been up and down for the rapper and may have just taken another slight dip. But as we all know, if anyone can own their highs and lows, it’s Cardi B. 

After a wild weekend in Vegas celebrating her birthday with friends, family, and yes Offset, Cardi slipped up and let fans catch a glimpse of a little something extra. In a now-deleted post, Cardi is in bed topless and seemingly unaware that fans caught the mishap. 


After posting and deleting the nude photo, Cardi B took to Twitter to share her reaction. Typing,  “Lord, why the f**k did you have to make me so f**king stupid and r****ded? Why? You know what I’m not going to beat myself over this.” Adding, “I’m just going to eat my breakfast and then I’m going to go to a party because I’m not even going to think about it.”

Cardi is definitely known for expressing herself to the fullest. But is also known for apologizing for mistakes and moving forward at full speed. Let’s hope this one gets swept under the rug as she continues to deal with a family business., as well as giving us hits on top of hits.