Throughout history, black people have been treated in ways that are beyond cruel, fair, or humane. However, throughout all the trials and tribulations, African Americans have persevered in so many ways. The use of knowledge, history, community, and daily life lessons have been key aspects to push for change, growth, and equality.

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PBS is airing a documentary film Driving While Black tonight at 9/8c. The film is meant to show how the creation of the automobile brought freedom and mobility for African Americans along with discrimination and violence. They are connecting the past to the current obstacles that black people are still facing today.

Kyla Imani’s recent single “No Humanity” was written after the death of Ahmaud Arbery and about Black Lives Matter. She initially only intended to create it as a social media post. However, it truly became a song that people wanted to hear and share with others. It becomes a song that teaches others and plays an impactful role with the ongoing injustices that are being faced by the black community.


“No Humanity” is on the soundtrack and plays during the film. Make sure to check it out tonight!

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