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You would think Trump catching COVID would make him move with a little more caution, or maybe learn from his mistakes. But that seems too much like right.

Donald Trump hit the campaign trail again for the first time since testing positive for COVID. It’s been less than 2 weeks since he first tested positive, and somehow he is now miraculously “immune” from the virus. He only remained in the hospital for four days before returning to the White House even though people who test positive for the virus must quarantine for 14 days. Now, Trump is declaring he feels better than he did 20 years ago after undergoing therapeutic treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. He even feels so good he is willing to kiss his supporters at his rallies.

“Now they say I’m immune, I feel so powerful,” Trump told the crowd. “I could walk into that audience. I’ll walk in there, I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women and everybody. I’ll just give you a big fat kiss.” 


He then added that he is now immune to the virus. However, he does not know how long he will be immune. It could be years, months, days, even seconds. “They say you’re immune. I don’t know for how long. Some people say for life, some people say for four months,” he said.