The Braxton family seems to be at odds with the now ex-boyfriend of singer, Tamar Braxton. So much so that Toni Braxton publically shamed David Adesfeso in an Instagram post that read, “David, You Weasel…you Ferret. You are beyond contempt. Once again, DO NOT include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!”

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Later on, Towanda Braxton addressed the post on her Instagram live. “Yes Toni is ok, she is just really pissed off with David, as we all are. We don’t appreciate or agree or condone the way that he has handled the situation, it’s even deeper than you guys can imagine,” she stated.

According to The Blast, Adefeso sent a statement from his team and had this to say, “David wishes the Braxton family nothing but the best and has moved on from this ordeal stronger, “it begin.  “He’s focused on justice for Nigeria (sars) and releasing his app, Sootchy, that will address wealth disparity and help reduce educational debt within minority communities.”


What allegedly caused Toni Braxton to write her message publicly on Instagram was the news that Adefeso served Tamar Braxton legal papers. Big sis doesn’t play that! The Blast reports that although Adesfeso urged authorities to not go to Toni’s home, they did so anyway.

How does Tamar feel? The singer went on her social media to address the controversy. “As much as I understand everybody dragging him through the mud, and saying what they need to say because of what he said on his live, the other part is still present too,” Tamar said referring to the fact that David was there for her this summer when she went to the hospital for an alleged suicide attempt.

Tamar also lets it be known that she hasn’t spoken to Adefeso since August 30th, and ask for everyone to allow her to heal in private. “I will tell my story when I feel the need to tell my story, so everyone involved thank you, I love you, but — I would like to heal in private.”