It looks like there is animosity between Megan Thee Stallion and celebrity stylist E.J. King. After working with the Houston Hottie for more than a year, King recently stepped down as Megan’s stylist. He took to Instagram following his departure to give his reasoning saying, “everything’s got an expiration.” King styled the “Savage” superstar music videos, photoshoots, performances, and more.

“I don’t want to work under somebody or ever feel like the way that people can make you feel like what you do for them in their life is disposable. When you work for people personally, sometimes they like to forget that you’re your own person and sometimes the services you do for them are no longer needed.”

According to Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee, the two former associates ran into each other this past weekend. They both were guests at Cardi B’s birthday party in Las Vegas.

“The two of them ran into each other at the party,” said Jason Lee. “She (Megan) sees EJ in the party and she from what I heard, I didn’t see this part, but she flips him off from across the room. So EJ is like what’s up and he’s talking to her whatever and she comes over to EJ.”


Jason Lee proceeds to say that while both were intoxicated, Megan Thee Stallion was extremely aggressive throwing her hands in EJ’s face.

“Megan was drunk as hell and super aggressive and she’s a big girl.”

Lee adds that JT from City Girls joins Megan and gets in EJ’s face as well. JT came to Megan’s defense because she did not like King’s statements about Meg following his departure.

This lead to security involvement where they had to separate Megan. As far as Cardi B, she was in the vicinity, but was aware of the details of the situation.