Esteemed journalist Roland S. Martin broke down in tears yesterday after an emotional visit to the voting polls near his home in Texas. He posted a video to his Instagram of the massive lines at the voting polls overwhelmed with tears at the roves of people showing up to exercise their right to vote. He posted: 

The emotions just hit me on the first day of early voting in Texas

I have voted all my life. But when I rolled up to Friendship-West Baptist Church this AM, and I saw this massive line after the polls had been open 27 minutes, the tears just hit me. I was listening to @treysongz song, “2020 Riots: How Many Times,” and it just hit me. It’s 50 degrees right now, and these folks are ready! I’m a grown man, but I have no problem showing this type of emotion because I know what is at stake for our people.

My tears were also because I started with @common and @johnlegend’s “Glory,” and Common has a line that says “freedom is like a religion to us.” I know what Black folks have been through in this country. Voting is not the be-all-to-end-all, but I sure as hell know it IS part of the solution. I could have voted at FWBC, but I’m going to vote where my parents are working the polls. They impressed upon me the power of voting and civic engagement, and its only fitting. #VoteOrShutTheHellUp

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Well said Mr. Martin, ‘Vote or shut the h*** up!’