Barack Obama is expected to hit the campaign trail for his former Vice President Joe Biden in the final weeks of the Presidential race. Obama hopes to energize Democrats to vote in the upcoming election.

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An aide to Obama said that “President Obama plans to hit the trail soon, in addition to all the other activities he’s undertaken all year in support of electing VP Biden – as he’s said, we all have to do everything we can to win on November 3.”

However, Obama will not aggressively target swing states but instead target “critical battleground” states. While his schedule is not yet finalized, states that are under consideration to visit include Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and others.


Biden’s campaign believes Obama can help encourage Black men, Latinos, and young voters to go vote on November 3rd. When asked about Obama’s return to the campaign trail, Biden said that “He’s doing enough for our campaign. He’ll be out on the trail and he’s doing well.”

Obama first endorsed Biden back in April and since has been vocal about Biden needing to become the next president. He delivered a key speech at the Democratic National Convention, endorsing Biden and slamming Trump. On Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee released a video of Obama encouraging voters to learn their different voting options.

“So much is at stake in this election — from getting the pandemic under control to building a fairer economy to taking on climate change to protecting our health care,” Obama said in the video. “History shows that the easiest way to make sure that you and your friends vote is to make a plan. And when it comes to voting this year, having a plan has never been more important.”