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2020 saw the rise of Memphis posse, FastCash Boyz. A superproducer Tay Keith-endorsed group with an energetic sound and undeniable presence in the streets. As everyone in the faction is quickly rising to the forefront of Southern Hip Hop, their most profiled member is none other than FastCash Jizzle. Today, the standout act hits the streets by his lonesome to prepare for his forthcoming project with the buzzing single “Racks.”

Pulling up in the roaring Hellcat, directed by Jolo. Jizzle raps about stacking up blue faces and living the lavish lifestyle of a hood star. A natural presence in front of the camera, Jizzle drip and bars excel to new heights gradually before our eyes. Turning doubters into believers, Jizzle shows us that man make the money, money doesn’t make the man. 

The song is magnetic, he explains with the following statement: “I was just sitting in the studio with Ace C and Denaro (the producers of the song) in Atlanta and the first beat they played I started mumbling the chorus. It came so natural to me and of course, I had Racks in a Fanny pack.”


“Racks” follows Jizzle’s previously released videos, “Cash Flow” and “Mixed Motions.” All set to appear on Jizzle’s upcoming debut, slated for late-2020/early-2021 release. Until then, continue to follow Fastcash Jizzle daily on Instagram