This month we celebrated World Mental Health Day and Totality Wellness Inc introduced a plethora of conversations discussing several mental health and wellness topics. A Seat on the Couch, introduced their ‘This is our Future Series’ focused on our youth, spotlighting the amazing things they are doing & offering our black & brown youth positive role models that look like them and that they can be inspired by!
This weeks special guest is Courtney Brown (@thinkbiggie ) mother of 4 year old entrepreneur and CEO of @felicitysseamoss that was created amidst the pandemic to essentially help keep the community healthy and our immune systems strong. We will discuss the importance of teaching our children financial literacy, securing their future & share what the journey has been like with her beautiful boss princess Felicity! CLICK HERE to Tune in live October 15 at 8pm.

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A Seat on the Couch is a weekly Instagram Live web-show that broadcasts Thursday’s at 8pm ET. Show host Stephanie Carnegie enjoyed a celebrity-filled career as a publicist prior to launching Totality Wellness Inc.; a 501c3 non profit organization that provides a program, digital and event based approach to black and brown community wellness.

Launched in April 2020 at the onset of the  Covid-19 pandemic, A Seat on the Couch offers hope and a safe space to normalize the conversation of  mental health. The show broadly covers mental wellness with a precise focus on the destigmatization of a diagnosis that affects nearly 1 in 5 Americans; more if secondary and tertiary family members are counted.


Show topics include health, love and loving relationships, spirituality and community strengthening resources.

Past guests include:

Eric Adams: Brooklyn Borough President

Senator Kevin Parker: New York State Senator (District 21)

Lil Cease: Hip Hop Artist

Courtney Brown: Journalist/Hip Hop Historian 

Rosalynn Thyssen: Mom of Treah Thyssen (died by suicide Oct 3, 2019)

Samson Styles: Award winner journalist 

Dr. Faith Brown: Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Keith White: Attorney/Activist 

Saquan Lamont Jr.: 10 year self published author

The Dowe Twins: 11 year old entrepreneurs/advocate

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photo: Ricardo Andre Studios

About Totality Wellness Inc.Totality Wellness Inc is a mental health and wellness organization. We raise awareness on the importance of mental health, the destigmatization of a mental health diagnosis and advocate for access to support and resources within black and brown communities. 

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