The world’s leading battle rap platform SMACK/URLTV.TV has announced that the long-awaited entire inter-gender battle rap event “Kings vs. Queens” will finally take place today 17 October in conjunction with QOTR. This event will see some of the cultures best female battle rappers, many of whom made their name on female-specific platform Queen Of The Ring (QOTR) take on some of the best-established names from the last decade-plus of SMACK/URLTV.TV on rapidly emerging live-streaming platform Caffeine live and for free via their App.

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The six battles announced for today’s events are;

O’fficial vs. Arsonal


E-Hart vs. K-Shine (of NWX)

40 B.A.R.R.S vs. Tsu Surf (of GunTitles)

Couture vs. Charlie Clips

Viixen The Assasin vs. DNA (of NWX)

Casey Jay vs. Swamp

This battle rap card is full of grudge matches and promises to be a historic night for both hip hop and battle rap, with SMACK/URLTV.TV finally facing off with Queen Of The Ring. Will the ladies prevail in an upset over the confident talking of the guys, or will they cause an upset that will be talked about until the next incarnation of Kings vs. Queens 2. Stay tuned.