Top Dawg Entertainment’s more recent signee, Reason, said that the label is going through a “weird time,” hence his album being the only project the label dropped this year. The Carson rapper also said that he is the “glue” that is holding the label together right now.

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“I almost feel like I hold that place right now as the glue, and I’m always going to give that honesty,” Reason told HipHopDX. “I’m not saying it like I’m crowning myself, but n****s wouldn’t had no music from TDE this year if it wasn’t for me. ‘New Beginnings’ is the first TDE drop, and I gave n****s the Q verse, I gave n****s two ‘Soul’ verses, I tried to get diverse and gave you an Isaiah verse with JID.”

Reason went on to say that a variety of things have put TDE back this year, including COVID-19, Kendrick not dropping because of family obligations, and former president Dave Free leaving the label. “Everybody knows that, but with the mix of COVID, Dave Free leaving, Dot not dropping because of family things, and just all of that put us back a little bit.”


He also compared the label to the Golden State Warriors, by saying how people know they’re the best label, but next year they’re coming to take the game by storm. “Everybody knows we’re the best team in the league…To give some foreshadowing to it, I feel like the Warriors are going to be the best team in the league next year, and I feel the same way about us.”

Reason recently dropped his album New Beginnings on October 9th and features artists such as Schoolboy Q, JID, Vince Staples, and Rhapsody.

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