As fall approaches, coronavirus cases are soaring again in the U.S. in all but eight states.

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Hawaii, California, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, Georgia, and Vermont are the exception to the rise in infections. These new cases, hospitalizations and deaths pushed the overall number of infections over 8 million and the death toll to more than 218,000 people. This surge comes as the country saw nearly 70,000 new cases on Friday, the most in a single day since July.

Between superspreader events and large gatherings, it seems many people have let their guard down when it comes to this contagious virus. Anthony Fauci warned on Thursday that Americans should rethink their usual plans for traditional Thanksgiving gatherings, citing increased coronavirus infections and hospitalizations. He warns, “If you have vulnerable people, the elderly or people that have underlying conditions, you better consider whether you want to do that now or maybe just forestall [gatherings] and wait,” Fauci said.


Check out these numbers and continue to keep your loved ones safe.